New Construction

At MWC, we work smart and hard—from using the latest technology to keep our clients updated to interacting with Planners, Engineers and Architects to build a detailed strategy and matching the right Sub-Contractors to your project. Our lines of communication are always open, and we strive to anticipate workflow issues and solve them immediately.

Our team can minimize the project risk and reduce the overall schedule by combining the design and construction phases with our Pre-Construction Service. We locate sites, facilitate zoning and permitting, provide preliminary drawings and budgets and work through existing site challenges before construction begins.

Once the project is underway, we ensure the highest level of quality control through an onsite Superintendent, who provides a daily log with progress photos to the Project Manager, Owner and Architect. Additionally, weekly site visits are made by the Project Manager with a representative of the Owner.

We focus on cost as well as quality to deliver the best overall value to our clients.

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Tenant Finish-Out & Commercial Remodel

When finishing out tenant projects and remodels, we focus not only on getting it done, but getting it done right. The closest attention is paid to detail, precision and the art of the craft. Shortcuts are never allowed. At MWC, we do much more than simply accept a job—we accept full responsibility for the project. The quality of our work is driven by pride, which is driven by the skills and dedication of our team. Like our projects, we build our reputation one client at a time.

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